Monopoly Money Tie

Bear Grylls Survival Kit

Gameboy iPhone Case

Water Bottle With Storage Compartment

Futurama Bender Beanie

Mini Fire Extinguisher Lighter

Guitar Shaped Pool

Guitar Shaped House

100 Followers — Thank-You <3

Hi guys, it might not seem like many followers but when I started this blog yesterday I didn’t expect it to reach 100 this fast. So THANK-YOU!!

My 100th Follower:

I’ll try to find and post pictures more often. Thank-you again! xD


Bug Catcher Heels

Speaker Sneakers

R2D2 Dustbin

Stuffed Panda Chair


Thanks for reblogging, here’s the promos I promised:


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Just woke up so I’m about to post a few more photos :)

lol i lovee this blog! cant wait for moree pics(:

Thanks so much! And thanks for following. :)

It’s actually 6:30am here so it’s time for me to go to bed haha. But I’ll post some more in a few hours, I promise. :)